Plaza Services, LLC is proud to announce our newest website update integrating user accessibility features for increased compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. This will expand access to critical account information for all consumers, removing potential barriers for users with physical impairments and different abilities. 

Adjustments for Specific User Profiles

Our new accessibility options include the ability for users to adjust modes for specific user profiles. Such profiles include people with epilepsy, visual impairments or blindness, cognitive impairments, motor impairments, or ADHD. A person with epilepsy, for instance, benefits from the elimination of any flashing or blinking animations or triggering color combinations. Users with visual impairments such as degrading eyesight, tunnel vision, cataracts, or glaucoma may need specific contrast, magnification, or page layout adjustments. Someone with blindness can easily access auditory text for image descriptions and content reading. These are just a few examples of the specific adjustments that can be automatically made using the new web accessibility tool on our website. 

Automated Functionality

We partnered with Branding Arc, a marketing firm for businesses in the accounts receivable industry, to implement the updates. The team at Branding Arc will also continue delivering automated routine scanning and analysis to identify and revise any new areas of website content or functionality that may need additional accessibility updates after the initial ADA integration. The functionality of the integrated web accessibility features extend to all types of devices including mobile, tablet, and laptop devices. 

Web Accessibility in the ARM Industry

In the US, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines created and periodically updated by the World Wide Web Consortium serve as the standard for web accessibility. At this time, they are not required but are only recommended guidelines. While businesses in the accounts receivable management industry strive to increase communication options, financial literacy, and more for this purpose, web accessibility is often an overlooked aspect of fair and equal treatment of all consumers. Yet, diverse technology platforms and devices continue to necessitate increased considerations of accessibility as an integral part of a robust compliance program. Below are helpful definitions and references regarding ADA and web accessibility compliance: 

WCAG 2.1–WCAG is a set of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines created by the World Wide Web Consortium, or the W3C. WCAG 2.1 is the most current version of accessibility guidelines.

ADA Title III–ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act that prohibits discrimination based on ability or disability and guarantees certain rights to people with disabilities.

Section 508–Section 508 is an amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 that addresses technology and accessibility (last updated in 2017 to reflect the technology of the 21st century)

Why Plaza Services Invested in Web Accessibility

Plaza Services decided that taking a fair and ethical approach to business means making sure we are providing equal access to diverse populations. “Plaza Services is committed to diversity and inclusion for all consumers. We invested in this opportunity to go beyond what is required because while not mandated, web accessibility is a concrete and reasonable way to make sure there is no hidden or unintended bias against diverse consumer populations. As we move to an increasingly consumer-driven era in our industry, this is going to help us better meet those changing needs and digital communication preferences,” stated Mr. Gerald Lewis, Founder and President of Plaza Services, LLC

Visit Our Site

For a self-guided demonstration of our accessibility features and browsing modes, we invite you to try it out for yourself. On our website, there is a circular person icon in the lower left of the website. Click the icon to open a menu of options to explore. 

About Plaza Services, LLC

Plaza Services, LLC is a nationally licensed, professional receivables management firm located in Atlanta, GA. We are a Certified Receivables Business (CRB) by Receivables Management Association International and a SOC 2 certified receivables management firm. Our company specializes in the acquisition and servicing of consumer and commercial portfolios. We deliver quick portfolio valuations, seamless transaction execution, and clear accountability after the sale.

About Branding Arc

Located in Port Saint Lucie, FL, Branding Arc is a full-service marketing agency focused on

providing website, marketing, and reputation management services to the financial services and receivables management industries. Our team is comprised of communications and branding experts who listen to your vision, learn your story, and use that understanding to help each client position their brand, find new customers, and manage their online reputation. We customize each client engagement ranging from simple one-time projects to the outsourcing of your entire marketing department, adeptly handling creative direction, graphic design, programming, and project management. By closely monitoring the marketplace and competition, we are able to identify trends and leverage opportunities that drive bottom-line revenue for our clients.