Service Providers

Plaza Services, LLC manages receivables portfolios using a network of professional collection agencies, law firms, and other receivables service providers. Our service provider network has been developed through our combined knowledge derived from decades of experience and is carefully managed and monitored by our compliance team. We constantly pursue the right balance of performance and quality control.

Compliance Focused

We understand that as an extension of our creditor partners, we are entrusted to safeguard the privacy and data of our creditors. We take extensive measures to protect our partners’ brands and reputations as well as our consumers’ data. Through our focus on ethics and compliance, we maintain long-term quality and cultivate meaningful consumer relationships.

Performance Optimization

We continually refine our strategies for maximum efficiency and optimum performance. Plaza Services’ ongoing monitoring and development of processes ensures that the right servicers are selected for the right product segments. We believe in healthy competition and employ a variety of strategies to drive performance while maintaining a sharp focus on compliance.

Network Compliance

Our network of service providers includes professional and reputable collection agencies and law firms. Our compliance and management teams carefully monitor our network of service providers to ensure a comprehensive commitment to quality and security. Our service providers must meet the most recent standards of data security and maintain compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Plaza Services uses proprietary tools and customized technology for real-time management of our network.

Receivables Industry Innovators

Our executive team is composed of prominent thought leaders within the receivables industry who are not only members of Plaza Services’ executive team but also active leaders within the industry’s most recognized and respected associations. Our strong professional network and intimate knowledge of the receivables industry allows us to carefully analyze and monitor strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to create the greatest opportunities for success.

Provider Network Integration

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