Credit Bureau Reporting

Plaza Services wants to help consumers resolve their accounts and achieve positive credit standing. We urge our consumers to review our policies with regard to credit bureau reporting. To better serve our consumers, we have provided some insight into our credit reporting process:

  • Plaza Services or our collection agency partners attempt to notify consumers in writing prior to reporting accounts to the credit bureau.
  • We will not report any account that is paid off or closed within 90 days of Plaza Services purchasing the account.
  • Within 30 days of account closure, we delete all tradelines for accounts that are closed or satisfied. An account is considered satisfied if the account is paid-in-full or settled for a lesser amount.
  • Tradelines from all unpaid accounts are automatically deleted after seven years from the delinquency date if no payments have been made post-delinquency or seven years from the last payment date.
  • Credit bureaus require us to report the date of acquisition as the “Open Date.” Please know that this “Open Date” does not affect how long our trade line may appear on your credit report.
  • Consumers can check their credit reports by visiting the three major credit bureaus including TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax at

We encourage consumers to contact our office to discuss options for resolving their accounts and to learn more about our credit reporting policy. Consumers can also view our YouTube video on credit reporting for more information. 

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Do you have additional questions about credit reporting?

We suggest visiting or FinancialLiteracy.Rocks to find resources about credit reporting and credit scores from reputable sources.

Credit bureau reporting information

Credit Bureau Reporting Video

Watch our YouTube video for more information about our credit bureau reporting.