In our third consumer resource video, Plaza Services, LLC explains our credit reporting strategy to help consumers resolve their accounts and improve their credit score.

Plaza Services Explains Credit Reporting

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Plaza Services, or their agency partners, attempts to contact all consumers in writing prior to placing an account on a consumer’s credit report. Plaza Services will not report any account that is paid off or has entered into a payment plan within 90 days of purchasing an account.

We delete all trade lines for accounts that satisfy the balance after two years from the date of delinquency as reported to the credit bureau. Accounts are considered satisfied if they are paid in full or settled for a lesser amount.

Understanding Credit Report Trade Lines

The open date reported on a consumer’s credit report may be different than the date the consumer opened the account. This is because Plaza Services is required to report the date we acquired the account. However, this does not lengthen how long the trade line will remain on your credit report.

Trade lines from all unpaid accounts will be automatically deleted after seven years from the delinquency date as reported to the credit bureau if no payments have been made either post-delinquency or seven years from the last payment date. Consumers are encouraged to call Plaza Services at 877-475-1103 with any questions.

Plaza Services’ Online Consumer Resources

As part of Plaza Services’ commitment to consumers, we provide information to help improve financial well-being, increase financial literacy, and develop healthy financial habits. Our online Consumer Resources provide access to multiple resources that help consumers resolve financial obligations as well as locate information on credit and collection processes.

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Plaza Services, LLC is an RMAI Certified Professional Receivables Company (CPRC). We are committed to providing a positive experience for consumers while providing creditors with maximum value for receivables portfolios in a fully compliant manner. Plaza Services was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.