Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not working with my original creditor?

When accounts become delinquent, they are frequently sold. Plaza Services, LLC is an RMAI Certified Debt Buyer. We purchase accounts from the original lender and become the new creditor. We work with independent agency and law firm partners who collect accounts on our behalf. If you would like to confirm that the agency or law firm contacting you is working on Plaza’s behalf, please call 877-475-1103.

Does Plaza report to credit bureaus?

Yes, Plaza Service reports accounts that we own to the three major credit bureaus; Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax. Learn more about our Credit Reporting.

Are payment plans accepted?

Yes, Plaza Services works with consumers to customize payment arrangements that fit each budget and allow the satisfaction of the debt. You can view your payment options online or contact a Customer Service Specialist at 877- 475-1103.

I think my balance is incorrect. How do I dispute the debt?

Plaza Services takes disputes and complaints seriously. You can initiate an online dispute or call a Customer Service Specialist at 877-475-1103. Dependent on individual circumstances, we will often halt collection efforts after your account has been processed, which typically takes 1-2 business days.

What should I do if I am the victim of Identity Theft?

Please submit a Fraud Affidavit as soon as possible. Fraud claims are typically processed within 1-2 business days of the request. You will receive a written acknowledgement that your fraud claim has been received. If we cannot locate your account, we may need to contact you. We will respond within 30-days of receipt of the fraud claim with the outcome of the investigation.

Does Plaza add interest and fees to my balance?

Plaza Services and our service providers DO NOT add any additional fees or interest to your account beyond what was assessed by the original creditor.

Why is the “Open Date” on my credit report different from when I actually opened the account?

The credit bureaus require Plaza to report the date of acquisition as the “Open Date”.  Please know, however, that this “Open Date” does not affect how long our tradeline may appear on your credit report.  Please see Credit Bureau Reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered.

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