Receivables Acquisitions

Plaza Services, LLC is a professional receivables management firm with decades of experience acquiring and servicing consumer and commercial portfolios. We provide creditors with a reliable and compliant solution for selling receivables portfolios to create immediate cash flow on otherwise distressed or dormant assets. We are the preferred receivables acquisition partner for creditors originating a variety of asset types across the United States. We acquire assets at all stages of the account lifecycle from performing receivables to dormant judgments.

Plaza Services has developed our technology, systems, processes and people to exceed the receivables management industries highest standards. Our business is built with compliance as the backbone to everything we do including data security, process management and human resource development.

Customer Experience

We understand that we are an extension of our creditor partners and we take every precaution to protect their brand and reputation by staying focused on the customer experience. We respect consumers and work hard to assist them in resolving their financial obligations.

Receivables Acquisitions Team Deliberating

Sell Your Receivables

We purchase receivables portfolios to help you create immediate cash.