Gerald Lewis, President and Owner of Plaza Services, LLC, was Featured on Receivables Roundtable, a Video Production for the Accounts Receivable Management Industry Created and Published by Receivables Info

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, April 2021 — We’re proud to share episode 25 of Receivables Roundtable featuring our own Gerald Lewis! Gerald sat down with Adam Parks to discuss the evolution of Fintech in the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry.

Fintech—or financial technology—is one of the most popular and trending topics surrounding the ARM industry today. With the rise of technology and innovations in the digital space, receivables companies have begun exploring ways to compete on a new playing field with the more traditional financial services.

Plaza has positioned itself as a leader in technological innovations and exploration into online solutions for our clients. As consumers began to work more and more online, we have shifted our collection strategies. 

To learn more about how Plaza has used fintech and shifted our strategies over the years, watch episode 25 of Receivables Roundtable!

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Plaza Services, LLC is a nationally licensed, professional receivables management firm located in Atlanta, GA. We are a Certified Receivables Business (CRB) by Receivables Management Association International and specialize in the acquisition and servicing of consumer and commercial portfolios. Plaza Services delivers quick portfolio evaluations, seamless transaction execution, and clear accountability after the sale. As a SOC 2 certified receivables management firm, we are committed to the security, confidentiality, and safety of our consumers’ information.