Plaza Services Turns Your Judgments Into Cash

Eliminate Collection Challenges

Plaza Services, LLC is an accounts receivables portfolio investment firm that works with creditors to provide maximum value for receivables portfolios in a fully compliant manner. The post-judgment collection process can be unpredictable and uncertain. We understand the challenges that creditors can face when enforcing and recovering funds from judgments.

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Get Immediate Cash

We purchase judgments to provide you with immediate cash flow. Avoid the difficult and tedious task of post-judgment collection and receive a lump sum for your judgments. We offer creditors an aggressive price and guaranteed payout that enables you to unlock the captive value from your judgments.

Leverage Our Expertise

Our judgment enforcement team is led by industry veterans with more than two decades of experience. By leveraging our network of professional collection agencies and law firms, we are able to offer the highest quality of professional judgment recovery services. After purchase, we compliantly and efficiently locate and execute judgment liens. If your judgments are nearing expiration, Plaza Services will purchase these judgments and renew them to enable future recovery efforts.

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Plaza Services’ Proven Process

When you are unable to collect, don’t continue to waste valuable time and resources; get instant cash flow by selling your judgments to Plaza Services. Our process is straightforward and simple. When working with us, our experienced team will:

  • Initiate a discussion about your judgment portfolio to collect basic information and give you an indication of our interest level.

  • Conduct a review of your portfolio of accounts to understand the balance range, geographic location, and other relevant factors.

  • Offer you a price point that Plaza Services is willing to pay for the judgments.

  • Complete transaction documents and provide you with a lump-sum cash payment for the accounts.

Get started with Plaza Services today to get maximum value for your judgments and boost your revenue stream.